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The Value in Letting Return on Investment Drive Your Marketing Decisions

Based on the topics I write about, it could be easy to assume that I am against all forms of traditional marketing. This is not true. I am against marketing that requires a heavy investment on the front-end and that has a high or unknown cost per lead. In other words, in many cases I think companies take a great risk by using mass media such as television and newspapers to promote their business. A more prudent course in many cases is to use marketing strategies that place your message in front of a well defined group of people (your target market) and that has a lower cost per lead than mass media.

That is why my company still uses direct mail even though we are an Internet marketing company. Our sales letters go to a specific group of people whom we have determined would benefit from our services and are in a position to purchase them. Each letter costs us about fifty cents, which is way less that would cost as with mass media to reach those specific people.

That is also why I love search engine marketing and social media marketing. These marketing techniques get our message in front of exactly the people who need our services or who are potential referral sources. And we accomplish this not with a large cash outlay but by simply talking about and writing about the things we do (which we like to do anyway).

Also, we’re discovering that search engine optimization and social media and direct mail are not mutually exclusive. For instance, when we update one of our blogs, there is a search engine optimization effect because we are creating keyword rich content that links to our main web sites. Our blog posts then become the source of group discussion material in social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. When we send out a sales letter out, we always reference our web site.

All of this marketing is very low cost and highly targeted. It is also ROI (return on investment) driven. ROI is a wonderful gauge for comparison. I don’t think you can say the same thing about a TV ad. However, if you’ve got the cash to burn and are looking to generate a branding effect, then mass media is invaluable.

Online Business – Managing Your Life When You Work From Home (Part 5 of 10)

All You Need To Skyrocket Your Web Profits

You should also concentrate on programs that are multi-level in nature such as affiliate programs. If you are doing all of the work yourself, your income will be limited by your time and resources; when you bring others into your program, your income potential becomes unlimited. Affiliate programs increase the ways you can turn your traffic into cash, and that’s what money-making on the Web is all about: buying traffic and earning from it.

It should also be clear that the most lucrative opportunities are those that have a repeat customer component. It costs less to maintain a customer than to find a new one. That means it’s always smart to take opportunities that generate repeat business. It’s also worth creating a newsletter that keeps your customers informed, in touch and in your revenue stream.

And the more revenue streams you have the better. On the Internet, as in the real world, chances come and chances go–online, they just come and go a lot faster. If you are diversified, you are more likely to survive market dips that would otherwise shut you down–and that will certainly already shut down many of your competitors.

It should be clear now that a lot of what people have said about online business is a load of old bunkum. You can see that it’s possible to make money; you can see that you can do it by yourself, right now; and you can see that whether or not you succeed is entirely up to you.

You can also see that the following myths are simply untrue:

1. Your site has to have millions of page views to make money.
It doesn’t. Small sites with good conversion ratios can make more cash than large sites with lots of click-through traffic.

2. Ad revenue and affiliate revenue don’t make money.
They do, if you know how to use them.

3. It’s easy to make money: just put up a website and the money will roll in.
If only that were true! Making money on the Web takes time, effort and investment.

Invest in Your Own Solar Panel System

Because of the rising costs on energy, many people are concentrating on the use of solar power to meet the energy requirement in their homes. It is informed that the installing a solar array is not as difficult as the common notion is. You can take up the challenge and make it happen. You will reap the benefit of this huge source of power without paying a dime on it.

You can do it in your home with the kids beside and enjoy doing the installation itself because it is not something very much technical, which would require an engineer to accomplish it. If you do it yourself, you will save some hundred dollars on installation charges. By installing solar panels, you will be able to run several appliances in your home without paying anything for the power.

The list is just surprising. You will be able to use your DVD, TV, computer and even small machines which utilize tiny motors inside it. When you intend to have power for the entire building, you should go for a solar panel for the roof. The only requirement is a little bit of patience and some time on your part.

Start with the instruction manual that you get from the producers of the solar panel. You find clear cut instruction with diagrams about the installation program step by step. Be sure to purchase one from a reliable shop in your locality because, if you need their help at any time during or after the installation, you have the access to expert assistance in the matter.

You will have to buy a competent brand of solar panels which has proven its efficiency. This is a one time investment so believe in the best and refrain from going to the absolutely cheapest brand. Good and efficient solar panels are also reasonably priced.

You should go for the lumber with copper wiring and the panes should be of glass. The photovoltaic unit can be purchased from the same store or you can try online companies to compare prices.

It will take some time to make the solar panel for your home and for example you will have to spend a whole day for a solar panel with the power output of 100 watt, which will be enough to run small gadgets in your home. With the small solar power panel, you will be saving money on power bills, which can be reinvested in the next bigger or additional solar power panel.