Home Based Business – One Absolute Golden Rule for Success

When starting out with a new home based business or perhaps re-evaluating your current marketing efforts, you simply must not lose site of THE most important rule for your business. It is the ‘Golden Rule’ for future success for any business and will put you on a rock-solid foundation.

You know what the most important rule is for your home based business is don’t you? YES…CUSTOMERS!

Ensuring that you give your customers exactly what they want and to over-deliver whenever possible is the key to success. It sounds obvious doesn’t it but ensuring an amazing customer experience will put you ahead of your competition. In fact, your customers won’t even bother looking anywhere else once you start building that loyal business relationship.

You must never lose sight of the fact that the customer should always be the sole focus of your business.

One way to build that solid business relationship is through email. Using email to build rapport, and more importantly using an auto responder to make regular contact, is proven to be the single most effective way to build a profitable company. Statistics show that a prospect hardly ever buys on their first visit to a website, whatever is being sold. It usually takes up to seven more requests to get people to buy.

You must take the opportunity to build your list whenever a prospect visits your website. You shouldn’t focus initially on sales, fancy web designs, building links to your site, or adding thousands of products. The Primary #1 goal of any website is BUILDING AND CONTINUALLY ADDING TO YOUR CUSTOMER LIST – It is as simple as that!

Every single aspect and every single design element needs to be geared towards building a customer list, a ‘Red-Hot’ database for future profits. Everything else is secondary and the website design of your site will be to encourage visitors to give you their email address.

* How To Glue Customers to Your Website and get Their Email Address in Record Time *

There is one thing a potential buyer is interested in when visiting any website. THE number one thing that is going through their mind is (yes, it may be subconsciously) “What’s in It For Me?”. Nothing else really matters and if you can focus on their needs, and not telling them how great you are, you are almost there.

This means that you only have a few seconds (usually up to about ten seconds maximum) to grab their attention and show them exactly “WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM”. You need to stop them dead in their tracks and offer them a massive benefit that they can access instantly for visiting your website. That’s your primary job as a savvy website owner.

The most attractive words you or I will ever hear are:

# “FREE report reveals 7 ways to cut your costs by 300% when buying insurance…”

# “FREE weight loss plan shows you how to lose 2 stone…in 2 short months…while eating your favourite food…”

# “Yours FREE. Over $300 worth of bonuses when you invest in this incredible marketing course in the next 7 days…”

I’m sure you get the message, give them something for FREE! While ninety per cent of your competitors are discounting their products and shouting SALES! SALE! SALE! You should be quietly collecting email addresses and building on the ‘golden rule’ of customer focus.

When establishing a home based business you need to get into profit as quickly as possible. You don’t have the deep pockets of a corporation and every penny counts. Grab a reader’s attention…offer them something of value for free…then follow up as many times as necessary to get an order.

Double Your Business Profits

As the owner of a small business you often have to wear a number of different hats; manager, technical expert, marketer, problem solver and more. Which role you believe to be the “real you” will determine how much net profit your business makes.

Most people start their business in a “technical” area in which they are qualified in or skilled. They could be a builder, a chef, a musician, an inventor, an accountant, a computer wizard, a writer, or any number of other professions. Let’s refer to this as being an expert.

Initially you spend most of your time working in that area of expertise but as the business grows you might find yourself spending more time in management and administrative roles.

Is it more profitable to focus on being a manager or on being an expert? The answer is neither! Your business will make the most profit if you think of yourself first and foremost as a marketer.

You are a marketer who also builds houses or a marketer who also runs a restaurant or a marketer who also plays music or a marketer who also does whatever your business entails. If you think of yourself first and foremost as a marketer and develop a passion for it then you will make every decision and take every action based on increasing your share of the potential profit from your market place.

A builder who thinks of himself as a builder will build well for personal pride or to keep the customer satisfied. If that leads to more business it is almost a happy accident.

A builder who thinks of himself as a marketer who also builds will build well as a marketing strategy to gain more business and higher profit business. He will have a system in place to capitalize on the quality of work and gain referrals. He will take before and after photos to use as marketing material. He will hire workers with good people skills as well as good building skills, because he understands that everything he does can potentially build his business or break his business financially.

The business owner who is first and foremost a marketer is focused not only on cost effectively providing the customer with what he wants but also on making sure that the customer is fully aware of all the benefits he is getting by dealing with this particular business. He knows that every customer is potentially repeat business and that every customer knows other potential customers.

A business owner who sees himself first and foremost as a manager or as an expert will rely on the technical expertise of the business to generate customers. The business owner who sees himself first and foremost as a marketer believes that his primary responsibility in the business is to ensure that the business is gaining more customers and better quality customers, then to use the technical expertise within the business to service those customers’ needs.

A business owner who is first and foremost a marketer will make a priority of investing a percentage of the business profits into a marketing campaign that builds the size and quality of the customer base. He will also ensure that the business is getting the best returns for each marketing dollar spent because he judges his effectiveness in the business by the growth rate of annual profits.

All self made billionaires are first and foremost marketers and all small businesses that grow into big businesses are the ones that are owned or run by people who see themselves first and foremost as marketers. I wonder how much more profit your business could generate if you became passionate about marketing.

Affiliate Program And Internet Marketing

Are you looking for an affiliate program to start making extra money? The Internet is a massive and powerful tool for the initial development of business-oriented online, marketing multilevel, electronic commerce, advertising online.

The first thing you have to know and I certainly recommend for all potential affiliates newbie, it is to find a way to make money while you are in the process of learning. The home income Internet work demands some work. And affiliate programs are the best way to earn some commissions online while you constantly learn.

Affiliate programs are one of the things that the open availability of the World Wide Web has made possible. An affiliate program is based on the mutual agreement of two parties, called the advertiser and the publisher or affiliate. The advertiser pays the affiliate for every specific event, determined previously.

As an active member of an affiliate marketing program, you have the opportunity to earn doing your work. Web affiliates are responsible for driving traffic to sites ending in an international sale. When a sale is made, web affiliates actually makes money off of that the particular sale, a small portion of the profit or a commission. Affiliates are paid virtually nothing else for their trouble.

Your work than is facilitating to drive traffic to the original business site that is being converted into sales. Then there is used to drive the traffic to that site and the affiliate is paid.

Affiliate programs also work on a tier basis. You can have affiliates working under you, and in that instance you make a portion of what they would make off of a particular sale, without even having anything to do with it except that you were the person who referred them.

It is important to provide newbies with a stick it is a long way to start making money on Internet after to enter an affiliate program. It is not one click and an overnight getting rich. That mistake causes many people get out of a work at home based business opportunity at the first month.

The fact is that most people don’t make a whole lot of money doing it part time, but a person who has the right marketing mind and invests enough time and energy into their affiliate program might be able to make a few bucks.

The fundamental word here is advertisement. You will have do find profitable affiliate products and get your unique affiliate link.

Sooner or later everyone realizes that they must have their own domain name, mainly to personalize their products. Free web site templates are great when you have a short budget. However, it is limited to show your personal entrepreneur and to sell with complete assurance. It is important to you start a legitimate work at home based business opportunity.

Then, you will generate affiliate keyword list, write affiliate articles and submit the articles at the same time to the major article directories. With that in mind you shall have a good initiation on Internet marketing.