Targeted Web Hosting – Harnessing the Full Potential of the Web for You and Your Business

Online presence is on the rise for UK businesses. In fact, research shows that there was a 50 percent increase in registered UK websites in 2006, compared to figures from the previous year. With the number of businesses increasing their online presence, it’s essential for companies to establish their online objectives and know their technical requirements, as well as to acquaint themselves with the tools and resources available to help them achieve their goals.

There are currently three major types of small and medium sized (SME) online businesses in the UK, based on attributes such as frequency of site use, number of hosting services utilized and the number of servers or IP addresses required. These SMEs are: small or personal-sized businesses, medium start-ups or entrepreneurial businesses, and larger, more established businesses. And while all of these SMEs may have a similar objective – to drive business via the web – each requires a different approach to harness the potential of the internet in their favour.

“Compact” or personal-sized businesses, for example, tend to have websites which are updated only occasionally, with the exception of blogs. These businesses predominantly seek good value for money and reliability from their hosted IT services. And, as they only need to update their sites sporadically, many use low-cost traffic driver tools to boost their search engine rankings. Basic shared web hosting services and easy setup tools, such as site builders and standard POP3 email accounts, are ideal for such businesses.

Medium start-ups or entrepreneurial businesses, on the other hand, are usually updated on a regular basis. However, their websites may not be the top driving factor of their business, so they tend to employ intermediate hosting solutions or dedicated servers. Such servers allow companies to control their own security and anti-virus protocols, and thus protect valuable information. Targeted, intermediate hosting solutions ultimately help entrepreneurial businesses improve site performance, increase flexibility and maintain a functionality which encourages growth.

Last but not least are larger, more established businesses. The online element of such businesses is integral to their day-to-day operations; they therefore tend to invest heavily in advanced hosting solutions. This is partly because they require multiple IP addresses for more secure remote internet services, and because they have higher website traffic, and thus, a requirement for higher data transfer limits. Unlimited data transfer and multiple dedicated servers are the best options for such online businesses, as they ensure high capacity, availability, access speeds and security.

If your online business fits the mould of these SMEs, the appropriately targeted web hosting service will more than likely benefit you. Moreover, you can find various specialised web hosting companies within the UK that can further advise you on services suited to your business situation. With the right approach, you can harness the full potential of the web for you and your business.

Have We Ever Figured Out the Return on Investment From Our College Degree?

With that 4 year study endurance test out of the way, a piece of paper that states we have a BS, BA or some other two letter insignia, and the debt racked up with paying for that piece of paper, do we really know what college costs us?

I think the time is well overdue that we get caught up in a little “analysis paralysis” when it comes to this old school paradigm of parents telling their kids, you MUST go to college to be able to get a good JOB (Just Over Broke). This mentality has proven to not serve our young leaders to date as they are just not prepared mentally or financially in our college curriculum for the “real world” and its challenges. With the whole college experience costing well over 25-30,000 and much more for private schools, it is high time we start to analyze what we are shelling out, how are these kids really benefiting and most importantly the cost of Freedom we might instilling in them by sending them into the JOB(Just Over Broke) market when all the wealth is now being created in Free Enterprise Networks on the internet.

Because we are parents and we have been brainwashed by old paradigms and methodologies we do not think twice about sending our kids to college no matter what it costs as we have this belief that they must have a degree in something to prosper and survive. While it’s never a bad thing to continue your education well beyond high school graduation, hanging on to old methods of learning and launching into adulthood might be dangerous in the long run. As an example, let’s assume a college graduate gets a degree in financial services, lands a job as stock broker or planner and enters the job market with sum financial services firm. He is taught from day 1 about asking baby boomers or other people with investments to entrust them with their hard earned money under a completely false and broken financial system.

We have proven time and time again that our financial fiat paper money system is not going to work in our debt based society! But how can we teach this newly graduated, book smart young kid that our financial sector is manipulated and controlled?

It’s important we begin to look to free enterprise and network marketing as a tool to empower our young graduates and entrepreneurs. Statistics show that there are over 70 million Google searches every month on people wanting to start their own home business, WHY? Our model of JOB enslavement is broke and it will continue to be a mass of confusion as we have slowly stripped the American Spirit by layoffs, manipulations in our financial sector and overall isolationism amongst the masses. But people are slowly awakening to the fact that real wealth and residual income is created in Free Enterprise by communicating and exchanging value sets amongst free thinkers.

Sending your children off to college is not necessarily a bad thing but we must begin to also empower them with tools being taught on the internet along with their education after high school. When our entire socioeconomic model shifts to Free Enterprise and Network Marketing and all our children have after four years of book learning is a degree and debt, what have we empowered them with?

A smarter decision would be to continue in a smaller, local college or a stint in the military, learn some more social and life skills and guide them in the direction to learn terms they just did not learn in school. Money Management, residual income, Free Enterprise, Network Marketing, Fiat Money, debt management and many more of life’s real encounters.

As we empower them to get a head start on many of their peers just entering into the prototypical JOB (Just Over Broke), they now have a fighting chance to survive and thrive in this internet driven commerce we have catapulted into. We no longer live in a technological age, that is a given. We live in a Mega Information age whereby information transfer is so fast we must be able to leverage our time and resources to gain valuable life assets well beyond that piece of paper we acquire in College. Along that path of growing into an adult in college life, the best lesson we can give our child is to steer them into the direction of Network Marketing, Free Enterprise Business and home based systems. Watching our kids grow into adults with lessons of a debt free lifestyle, managing their own money, leveraging their time and money in internet wealth and never having a boss would be the best return on investment we could make.

5 Reasons to Have a Written Business Plan

In past articles we have talked about the “road map” that a written business plan can provide for either a new or expanding business. Now, let’s talk about the reasons that having a plan can be valuable for you as a business owner and give you complete preparation for some very positive and exciting developments for your future success.

Applying for SBA Loans Maybe you have never thought about applying for a Small Business Administration loan, but an opportunity to expand your current business has fallen into your lap and you need capital. Where are you going to get it? The SBA would be a very good way of infusing needed capital into your business and give you the necessary resources to maximize your business opportunities.

The Small Business Administration has several loan programs – but one that is very popular is the Low-Doc Loan that will loan you up to $100,000 with the completion of a one-page application. However, you need a formal Business Plan to attach to the application.

Establishing Lines of Credit at the Bank Starting a small home-based business may appear to be easy. You use some of your personal credit cards, buy your computer, phones, a website, etc. But once you begin to grow – success does have its price. That price is sometimes the need for a line of credit at your bank.

If you have been in business over a year, have a good record at your bank with your company bank account (no overdraws, etc.) chances are your banker would love the opportunity of assisting you grow the business by extending you a line of credit. One of the main documents you should have is a Business Plan so that the banker can have a tangible document to take to the loan committee to discuss the establishment of the line.

Attracting Investors for Long-term Strategic Growth After you have been in business successfully, you may decide that bringing investors into the business will give you the necessary exposure to the types of funding that you need to grow your business or put you in the right position for exposure to the marketplace that you are trying to gain prominence.

Even for just the education of prospective investors in your industry or marketplace, a written Business Plan is a must have. No one will invest in a company that does not have a formal plan that clearly communicates the business mission, philosophy, goals, and fully explores the genesis of the idea or history of the organization.

Preparing for Joint Venture Possibilities When your business has gained prominence and success in the industry, often you may be approached by other businesses with complimentary products or services – or you may approach another business owner with the explicit goal of entering into a joint venture to increase your combined companies’ reach.

It is during this time that you would both sign confidentiality statements and exchange your Business Plans to determine the synergies of the organizations.

Preparing for Acquisition or Merger Many times business owners are not prepared when asked if your company is for sale or if there is an interest in a merger. Within all industries is the ability for companies to come together to increase their ability to gain market share and growth.

Unfortunately, the need to sell or merge your company may come from a totally non-business related reason: sickness, change in family circumstances, or even death. In these cases, having a formalized, written Business Plan can help you showcase the company without adding stress to your situation.

In closing — These are all very viable scenarios in the life of a business. Taking the steps early to develop and formalize a Business Plan allows you maximum flexibility in the direction and growth of your company. Once your Business Plan is written, it needs to be updated every few years, but the history and the “bones” of the plan usually stay in tact.

The time to make the commitment to write the plan is NOW – not when you are trying to fill out the papers for a loan, go to the bank, sell the company, or attract investors or partnerships. This early planning and implementation of a Business Plan will give you the valued road map, but also be a corporate tool that can help you get to the next level of your company’s growth and success.